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Unlock Extra Cups

There are 20 extra courses that can be unlocked in Mario Kart: Super Circuit. These extra courses are actually the 20 courses in the SNES original, Super Mario Kart. There are 5 extra cups that correspond to the 5 cups in the game (Mushroom, Flower, Lightning, Star and Special). To unlock these cups, one must first complete the cup once while earning a gold medal. Secondly you must re-enter the same cup and complete it with having collected 100 coins. Doing this will unlock the extra cup (Mushroom, Flower, Lightning, Star and Special) in whatever difficulty you where playing in (50cc, 100cc and 150cc).

Unlock Extra Cups in Time Trial Mode

To have access to the extra cups in time trial mode they must be unlocked in the 150cc difficulty level.

Unlock the Special Cup

To unlock the special cup you must first receive a gold medal in each of the preceding cups (Mushroom, Flower, Lightning and Star). The special cup must be unlocked in each difficulty level (50cc, 100cc and 150cc).

Unlock the Special Cup in Time Trial Mode

To have access to the special cup in time trial mode it must be unlocked in the 150cc difficulty level.

Title Screen Change

The colour of the sky in the title screen will change from blue to red once you get a gold medal on every cup on every difficulty level (50cc, 100cc and 150cc).

Another Title Screen Change

If you earn a triple star rating on every cup in all three difficulty levels (50cc, 100cc and 150cc), the sky in the title screen will chance once again to a nighttime setting. Good Luck!

Boost of the Start

Every Mario Kart game has the hidden option to boost from the starting line. Mario Kart: Super Circuit is no exception. To get a boost from the starting line, hit the gas just before Lakitu's final light is illuminated.

Boost After a Disaster

Messing up so that Lakitu has to pick you up is not something to be proud of. To make it up for your self, hit the gas just before Lakitu places you on the ground. You will get a nice boost if timed right. This takes a while to master.

Perfecting your Power-Slide

The power-slide is important. Just like Mario Kart 64, you can get a tiny boost after a power-slide. To get a micro-boost you must have a good power-slide so you cannot drive into any dirt. The micro-boost occurs when power-slides are longer than usual (turning through 180° turn). I am not completely sure how you get the micro-boost, but I have gotten it. If anyone knows how to get the micro-boost on every turn email me at

Contributed Tip:

The trick to power-sliding on non U-turns is to start on the inside of the curve, turn to the outside of the curve, skid around the outside & back towards the inside, then steer back into line. Here is an ASCII map:

                       /*   ********
                      /  ** /ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
                     |    *|
                     |    *|
                     |    *|
                     |    *|

Thanks to Martin Foster for the tip.

Contributed Tip:

If you power-slide through very long turns there is a good chance that you will get a mini-boost. A "long turn" is a power-slide that lasts between 2 to 3 seconds.

Thanks to Nicstermanator for the tip.

Preventing Spin-Outs

As you probably know, hitting a banana will cause your kart slip for a few seconds and then spin out. During the short period of slippage before you spin out, press B. If done correctly a music note will appear above your racer's head and you will recover. This technique works on other hazards such as the crabs in Shy Guy Beach and the Podoboos in Bowser Castle levels.

Player Select Fun

One the player selection screen, pressing are will make the spinning character jump. Pressing L will make the spinning player shoot a green shell.

Erase Saved Data

Holding L + R + B + START as you turn the power on will erase saved game data.

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