Super Mario All-Stars Strategy

The Select Glitch

The Super Mario All-Stars "select" glitch is a rare thing in video games. This glitch affects the Super Mario Bros. 3 game in Super Mario All-Stars. An unusual thing happens when the game is affected by this glitch. When you press select, Mario (or Luigi) will turn from small to Super Mario. If you press it again, Mario will change from Super Mario to Fire Mario. If you press select again and again, Mario will change his power again and again, to Raccoon Mario, Frog Mario, Tanooki Mario and even Hammer Mario. Also, if you press any of the four action buttons while holding SELECT on the SNES controller, Mario will wear Kuribo's Shoe (more commonly referred to as "The green boot"). This glitch can be preformed in any level.

HOWEVER, this "select" glitch does not work on most Super Mario All-Stars cartridges. In fact, it is an extremely rare occurrence. Staff member Xander is in the fortunate situation of owning one of these cartridges. He did not acquire this cartridge from a retail operation; he received the game via a mail-in offer when he purchased his SNES.

Another thing - the "select" glitch only works on certain SNES systems. We suspect that the glitch only works on older SNES consoles. Xander's cartridge was tested on two different systems: An old one (it came with Super Mario World) and a new one (Part of the Donkey Kong Set). The "select" glitch only seemed to work on the old system not the newer one.

If anyone has more information on this glitch, contact us at

One will also notice that the Kuribo's Shoe graphic does not display correctly in certain levels. Here is a still from the World-1 Fortress. Also, Kuribo's Shoe can be used to kill the hated Roto-Disc (spinning light ball). Killing the Roto-Disc will get you 100 points.

In case you don't believe us, we used a TV tuner card to capture a video of the "select" glitch in action

Select Glitch Video (969 kb)

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