Site News for April 2002


10,000 hits!

The Nintendo Index has reached ten thousandth hits and to celebrate this momentus event the Ndex will be soon transforming. Be on the look out for Ndex Advance, that is, Ndex will be given a layout-upgrade. Over the course of the next few months we will incorporate our new layout, which will feature cool graphics and spiffy flash aniamtions. Let us know what you think.


Final navigation correction.

The new navigation feature (the channel option) has been upgraded for the last time. Instead of setting the channel, then linking to it, you can now just set it and link at the same time, this will save you some mouse clicking.

Special thanks to Xander for the final version of this navigation feature.


A new navigation bar feature!

As you may have seen, located at the bottom of the navigation bar is the new "Channel" feature. We feel that the Ndex navigation bar is kind of big and contains information that not everyone needs. For example, you may only come to the Ndex for GameCube content, and not use any of the other links. With this new feature, you can chose the GameCube channel when you arrive so that the only links pertaining to GameCube will be in the navigation bar. Using the drop down menu, select the channel that you desire, and press Go. This channel can then be switched back at any time. This feature was designed to simplify the navigation bar, and make it easier for you to use. However, using the back button may proove difficult. Use the back button drop down menu in your browser (if you have one) to go back. This should be fixed later on. Until then, Enjoy.

Special thanks to Xander for writing the JavaScript that allows this feature to work.

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