Aladdin Review

Prince Ali Marvelous he? Only to toddlers!


The story of the Prince of Persia (Aladdin), and his journey to save Princess Jasmine from the evil Jaffar. Along with his sidekick, Abu, the two find themselves swinging from ledges, flying magic carpets, and throwing apples at large men with barrels. The game, which is based on the movie, is a nice change for parents from all the blood and gore out there on the market today.

Game Statistics

  • 7 interactive levels based on scenes from the movie.
  • Stages 1-4 for each level.
  • Password continues (although you can probably pass the game in 30 min.)
  • Single player mode only.

Game Design
This game is an action/adventure game that is similar to most, only much easier to pass. It does not require the great thought and time to pass as some others have in the past. (Adventure Island) The game has a sense of "cuteness" which is not appealing to the male audience or for that matter anyone who is not an infant. This could be the cause for the game not being extremely successful in the sales department.

For a game of its time the graphics are rather appealing to the eye, there are nice clean images used for the background and other surroundings, and the villains are done quite nicely. Once you reach the lava level, and the magic carpet ride, the design truly excels. The look makes you fell as if you are in the shoes of Aladdin trying to fend for your life.

The sound is not excellent in this game, to say the least. Although there is a different song for each level, depending on the setting, the songs get overplayed rather quickly. Also, the sound effects will not blow your mind, they once again are generic sounds and there are only a few. Whether it is Aladdin shouting "oh" after being hit, or dying for that matter or the generic "thump" noise made by the bad guys when they get hit I was not too impressed with the sound effects in this game.

The control is very simple and straight forward, which is why this game is aimed at a much younger audience. The buttons are easy to learn B to jump A to throw one of your maximum 99 apples, and Y to run. And the obvious D pad to navigate through out the game. Once you are in the air, and have gotten the carpet to float, you can hold L while in the air and float your way through the level.

For a younger audience I would definitely say that satisfaction is to be granted from this game, as was the case with me. However, now that I have grown and matured (although some if not most would disagree with the latter of the two statements) I find that I have no desire to play the game, and in fact every time someone asks to play it I am quite disgusted.

Replay Value/Game Length
The replay value of the game and its game length, or lack there of, is one of the major, and I do mean MAJOR drawbacks of the game. Once you have passed the game, which takes about 1 hour at the most, you do not have any desire to play it again. I personally have played it numerous times and now I can pass it in 30 min and without getting killed once, just to put into perspective the simplicity of the game. Once you get the carpet, which is lying there waiting for you on the first level, the game is even more of a breeze.

Too short of a game, sure it is a decent game, with a creative idea never the less, however, it is just too easy to pass. For someone who is playing it for the first time, it is a thrill and enjoyment, because of the fact that it takes some time and though to complete and learn the ins and outs of the game. In short, this game is definitely a rental, however in terms of a purchase; better keep your money in your pocket, unless you have some way of growing it on trees!

Game Design 6.4
 Mechanics 8.0
 Innovation 8.0
 Originality 7.0
 Extras 3.0
 Depth 6.0
Graphics 8.2
 Character/Animation 8.0
 Environment 8.5
 Framerate 8.0
Sound 6.8
 Music 7.0
 Sound FX/Voice 6.5
Control 8.3
 During Play 10
 Menus 7.0
 Functionality 8.0
Satisfaction 5.5
 Challenge 5.0
 Fun-Factor 6.0
Replay Value/Game Length 2.0

Review by T-Bone

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