The Nintendo Index is one year old!


Yup, The Nitnendo Index has been in existence for one year now. Here is a brief history of what happened in the past fiscal year.

05/30/2001 - The Nintendo Index is launched. At this date The Nintendo Index was launched and was a small geocities site located at The first reviews were for Super Spike V'ball (NES), Goldeneye 007 (N64) and WaveRace 64 (N64). The first Ndex was for Super Mario Bros. (NES). The first strategy page was for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (GBC).

06/11/2001 - The GameBoy Advance is released.

07/17/2001 - Xander joins the site as a staff member. His first content was the Bomberman Tournament (GBA) review.

07/20/2001 - NedStat counter implementation. At this date the NedStat counter was implemented. Since Jan 20th, we have received approximately 19,000 unique hits.

08/07/2001 - poll added to main page.

08/12/2001 - Reviews scoring system modified. At this date our reviews rating system was changed. It is one of the most detailed rating systems on the web.

08/19/2001 - Rago joins the site. Super-dedicated staff member Rago joins at this date. He first article was the F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (GBA) review.

08/21/2001 - Release Dates section changed to Upcoming Nintendo Published games section.

09/02/2001 - The Nintendo Index moves to

09/27/2001 - Staff member Mario joins. His first article was the Popeye (NES) review.

11/18/2002 - Nintendo GameCube launched.

12/07/2001 - The Nintendo Index moves to its current home -

12/07/2001 - First ever Media page created for Mario Bros. (NES).

01/11/2002 - GameBoy Advance top 10 of 2001 is the first ever feature article on this website.

02/03/2002 - Staff member Poopnug148 joins. His first article was the Breath of Fire (GBA) strategy

03/23/2002 - Staff member Raging_DemonTEN joins. His first article was the Ice Climber (NES) strategy.

04/02/2002 - Navigation bar channels system implemented.

04/05/2002 - The Nintendo Index attains 10,000 unique hits.

04/06/2002 - Staff member Cheezdip joins. His first article was the Contra (NES) review.

05/11/2002 - The site design is revamped. Changes to the site include: Parakarry's Mailbag, the main page poll and a lot of graphical changes.

By Player Guy Forever

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