Below is a listing of reputable websites that link to The Nintendo Index. Each one of these sites contain a great deal of interesting information.

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The Shyguy Kingdom
An excellent source for video game sprites. Staff member Xander also works at this site.
David Dayton's Nintendo Code Book
An great resource for codes and secrets for games on Nintendo platforms.
Zelda Planet
A Zelda fan site with a ton of focused content on the Zelda game series.
Zelda Central
Another Zelda fan site with excellent content.
Void Games
A very cool gaming site that covers many video game platforms.
Nintendo Cursors
NintendoCursors - Largest Nintendo cursor collection on the Net! Tired of default cursors? Try these! Absolutely FREEWARE!This web site has a very extensive collection of Nintendo-themed mouse cursors.
Acommunity of video game web site webmasters with excellent discussion boards.
Zelda Fan Game Network
Zelda Fan Game NetworkA web site where Zelda fans congregate and discuss all things related to the critically acclaimed franchise.

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